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Better Content, Better Traffic

With industry research suggesting that more and more conversions are now generated through website traffic, it has never been more important to make use of clear yet engaging content when marketing your business. Filling your site with attractive imagery and sophisticated web design is irrelevant if the copy is sub-standard; awkward expressions and grammatical errors can easily weaken the professional brand image that you have spent time and money to create.

The experienced content team at Cobalt Cat Media is here to make your website’s copy meet and exceed industry standards, placing you ahead of your competitors. We understand that putting sentiments into words can often be a complex and time consuming process, and so will spend time working with you to understand your company’s mission before implementing this in each article we create. We will also meticulously research your sector, first developing a high standard of industry specific knowledge before crafting to-the-point yet comprehensive content.


Versatility and Variety

Each having come from backgrounds in multimedia journalism, our content specialists are writers by trade. As a result of this we have an in-depth knowledge of writing to purpose, and understand the intricate differences between writing a blog entry, for example, and an ‘About Us’ page. Versatility is at the core of our skill set; from website copy to promotional print content, we can produce high quality pieces to conform to your exact specification.

Whether you need our help to breathe some life into an older page, or are just setting up a website and need brand new copy, the content team at CCM have a wealth of experience in writing to a multitude of remits. We will work to articulate your company’s brand image with coherent, concise and informative content. We can also keep your site updated with lively and regular blogs; interesting and insightful streams of content have been proven to guarantee a returning audience, generating interaction, traffic and conversions.