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Display Network Advertising

Is Display Network Advertising For Me?

Want to promote your business on more than just Search Engines? Want to use image and video adverts to capture potential clients attention? Then Google’s Display Network advertising could be for you!

What Is Google's Display Network?

Google’s Display Network is a group of thousands of websites, mobile apps, feeds, videos, games and much more. These sites have partnered with Google to show relevant Adwords ads. A couple of examples of sites in the Google Network are below:

– YouTube
– Google Properties (Including Gmail, Google Maps etc)
– Ebay

How Will My Campaign Work?

We can run your Display Network campaign in various ways:

– Using our extensive keyword research and Google’s contextual targeting, we can promote your business on websites with relevant content.
– Choosing specific sites, or even pages within the network to place your advertisements.
– Combining both of the above methods to achieve an even more refined campaign.

A huge advantage of Display Network Marketing is the wide variety of ad formats you can use. Instead of the usual text adverts that appear on all Search Engines, you get to play around with image ads, video ads and rich media ads. All of which are eye-catching and likely to draw the attention of potential clients.