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Search Engine Advertising

What Is Search Engine Advertising?

Search Engine Advertising is a form of internet marketing, used in order to gain traffic and visibility on different Search Engines.

These paid listings (on sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo) are placed on relevant user query results pages.

Using this method of online advertising, you can ensure adverts for your business and website can be seen throughout the online search world, whenever a potential client is trying to find something you can provide.

This type of advertising is often referred to as “pay-per-click”. This means you will only inccur a cost for your marketing when a potential client clicks on your advert, ensuring you are only paying for views of your website.

How Search Engine Advertising Will Benefit Your Business...

There are many huge advantages to marketing your business online, and using Search Engine Advertising to do so:

Cost – Search Engine Advertising can be effectively acheived at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising such as newspaper, magazine or television adverts. Historically the large multi-million pound companies have always had the monopoly of the advertising market, but with Search Engine Advertising anyone can have a substantial online presence, using the budget that suits them and their business needs.

Exposure It has recently been reported that Google alone hold 84% of the internet Search Engine market share. There are millions of people using Google and performing in excess of 2 billion searches every single day. With an estimated 85% of people in the UK alone that have internet access………you can start to see the big picture as to how many people you can reach through advertising your business online.

Relevance – Search Engines help users find what they are looking for online. People type in words and / or phrases and are then presented with a set of results that are relevant to their query. As Search Engine Advertising is also keyword based, you can be certain that the audience viewing your adverts are doing so because they are actively searching for the service of product that you offer. Also meaning they are likely to be further along in the buying cycle, and more likely to be ready to convert. We can also target your advert based on location, language, time of day and much more.