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Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is vastly becoming one of the most popular forms of advertising due to the ever increasing popularity of Social Media sites.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin (to name just a few) are being used on a daily basis by both businesses and consumers to promote and purchase products.

Is Social Media Marketing For Me?

In comparison to more traditional PPC platforms, social media marketing opens up a whole new world of online advertising and a completely different way of finding your potential customers.

You have the ability to completely refine your target audience, from gender and age, to specific interests and hobbies. You can choose different audiences for different products, for example if you were selling bridal accessories, we can create your campaign to target women who are engaged. Or a trendy male clothing store in London can target all men between ages 20-35 who live or work in the area. The possibilities are endless!

Here at CCM we are here to give guidance and advice on the best social media channels & direction for your business. Then we create, launch and monitor your successful advertising campaign every step of the way.

What Could Be Included In Your Campaign...

Increasing Target Audience
Social Media Marketing is all about communicating with people using the same platforms they use to communicate with each other, socially! You can create the most interesting updates, tempting special offers or thought provoking competitions, but what happens if no-one is listening?! We can help you identify and then reach your business’s target market, ultimately resulting in your fan base & followers increasing and engaging with your brand

Communicating With Existing Fans / Followers
By Providing followers with regular updates in regards to special offers, products and information, not only will this promote brand awareness, and encourages new fans / followers, it also of course drives and increases sales. We can set out a fully pre-planned social media calendar, which enables us to shape a particular message with a specific structure as to how it is conveyed.

Live Monitoring
When you are posting /tweeting etc. to such a large audience, on a platform that people and businesses can with each other (without limits!) it is of the utmost importance to monitor all interaction the public are having with you. Quick responses can easily translate into conversions and sales, and it is just as important to address any negative feedback.

Infographic Design
Statistics show that people are 44% more likely engage with visual, eye-catching content than just pain old written updates. We can help with ideas and designs for some great infographic adverts.

Paid Search Advertising
Social Media sites also have paid advertising platforms to reach potential customers. This is a highly effective way to refine and target your audience and monitor results, all using a specified budget.

Competitor Research
The rate at which the online market place is expanding is phenomenal and it can be extremely hard to stay up to date with new techniques, ideas and products that are available to you for your business advertising. It is also important to know what your main competitors doing, and to make sure you never fall behind in the online world. We know how time consuming all this can be so CCM are here to top of all of this for you.