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A Guide To Google Shopping

Part of the Google AdWords network, Google Shopping is an excellent way to market products out to a wider audience. Ideally suited to products rather than services, Shopping uses much of the same software and mechanics in order to get your business out there in front of customers who might want to buy it. Here’s a little bit about how it works.

Once online, Google Shopping will display your products to people who’ve typed in search terms with relevant keywords. All you have to do is provide Google with pictures, prices and a few other pieces of information, and they will create the ad for you. The final ad will consist of an image, title, price and your business name, giving comprehensive information to your customers at a glance. Shopping campaigns have their own Product Listing ads and are displayed in their own box on Google Search. As well as displaying results under the Shopping tab, it will also put through your products to general web searches if the keywords are specific and relevant enough. Even better, the shopping results will also be displayed on Google search partner websites, furthering the exposure of your business.

Don’t panic about finances – you can tailor your bidding strategy to your specific budget, placing higher bids on best performing products to maximise your Return of Investment, or playing it safe to provide a low, steady stream of traffic. You only pay when people click on your ad, or view your local inventory, so you’re not wasting money on unsuccessful ads. You can also target specific locations in order to narrow your target demographics. Keep your campaign streamlined by maintaining quality images and text, as well as running search query reports and setting up negative keywords to ensure your advertisements aren’t showing up in poor-quality or irrelevant settings.

Like any Google Search campaign, Google Shopping provides you with an increased chance of reaching your target audience, covering all the basic elements of the product that any potential shopper could wish for. Essentially it communicates a lot of compact information in a visual “snapshot” format, using tailored Search Network techniques to target customers with a specific stated interest in those exact or similar products. It’s a fully-fleshed out, seamless user experience all of its own, while likewise making it easy for sellers to promote their entire product lines. Advertisements show up across all devices alike, leaving no section of the market untapped. You can also add the right kind of incentives to add even greater appeal to potential customers – from Local Inventory Ads, Google Trusted Stores, Merchant Promotions and Product Ratings.

If you have any further questions, or you wish to embark on your own Google Shopping campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on or by calling 01625 453 050.

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