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“We had a simple idea that not all pages are created equal. some are more important."
-Sergey Brin

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of driving a traffic to a website, using ‘free’ ‘editorial’ ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search results on search engines. All major search engine providers have a primary set of search results, where web pages and content are shown and ranked in order of what the algorithm of the search engine, considers the most relevant to users.


By forming your website to be favoured by these conditions, we aim to push your site up rankings, which in turn will get you a better online presence and increased views to your site.


But SEO is not a singular process, all manner of alterations can be made to boost your visibility and Cobalt Cat’s Marketers are on hand to do exactly that.

From creating engaging and relevant web copy, writing blogs, utilising keywords and link building, to name but a few, our all-encompassing SEO service leaves no stone unturned when it comes to constructing your online success. We know that technical jargon can be bamboozling, so our marketers take time to explain the process and its benefits so that you’re always in the loop

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