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Client Focus - Expert Trade Services

It’s time for another client focus from CCM and with summer winding down and the nights getting shorter, you may be considering and update of the lighting or heating in your home. If this is the case, then our client, Expert Trade Services or somebody like him may be able to help you out. As Electricians in Stoke- on- Trent, they’re a group of bright sparks with a range of services from domestic, commercial and industrial clients alike. Just like any tradesperson, they’ve got their specialities, read on to find out all about them!

Lighting Up

LED lighting is all the rage at the moment and it looks set to stay that way! Using less energy than their counter parts and built stylishly into ceilings, they’re a sleek and sophisticated option for many different premises. The team of Electricians in Newcastle-Under-Lyme are specialist installers of LED lighting and have many examples of their great work on their website.

Locking Down

Security is always at the back of the mind, no more so than those who have a home or business to protect. The Expert Trade electricians in Stoke can aid in the prevention of burglary or damage to property with their installation of high quality alarms and CCTV. No stone is left un-turned by the team, who conduct stringent site surveys to outline every possible intrusion point and then devise a unique solution that ensures full coverage.

Safety First!

The trained Electricians in Staffordshire offer an all-encompassing electrical testing service for both domestic and commercial properties. Ensuring that all wiring, appliances and are both safe and efficient, the Trust Mark Scheme approved work comes with a 6-year guarantee and insures your property against electrical risks such as fires and explosions.

Visit Expert Trade Services website for information about services and contact details.

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