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Email Marketing: How is it Useful?

As one of the most longstanding digital marketing strategies, email marketing has remained popular even to this day. Through sending emails to a list of subscribers to your business, the technique allows you to advertise services and products to likely customers, boosting the chances of conversions. Here at Cobalt Cat Media, email marketing is one of our key solutions for small and large businesses looking to promote their brand or offers, with our expert team able to plan monthly campaigns that clearly get your message across. Here are some of our top reasons why email marketing is important:

· Drive Traffic to Your Site

With a well-planned email campaign, the chance of users clicking through to your site is increased. Our copywriters will ensure that everything from the subject line to the selected images are engaging, and likely to lead users to click through to your linked web pages.

· Retain Existing Customers

Many businesses treat direct marketing as a form of customer care – reaching out directly to existing customers to try to retain their business. This may come in the form of offering deals, coupons, or promotions, which are incredibly useful in enticing return custom.

· Inform Subscribers of Brand News

As your business grows or develops new products, emailed newsletters are a great way to inform customers. This ensures that the people already invested in your brand are up to date with relevant news, and can lead to increased clicks and conversions.

· Cost-Effective Campaigns

With our email marketing services, you can easily reach your target audience for a price within your budget. We’ll ensure that each of your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly campaigns are carefully crafted to match your brand’s tone of voice, and is tailored to your business needs.

Contact Us to Begin Email Marketing

If you would like more information about our email marketing service, or our range of other digital marketing services including SEO and social media marketing, contact us today. Call 01625 453 050, or email us at

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