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Facebook is Tackling Account Removal Complaints

Meta, parent company of Facebook, has announced that it is creating a specific customer service group to deal with those who have had their posts or accounts removed. Despite having more than 3 billion global users across its apps, which include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Meta has previously received much criticism about their poor levels of customer service – particularly for those who have unexpectedly had their Facebook account shut down. With many businesses relying on the social network for marketing purposes, we look at how this may impact users going forward, and the reasoning behind the new group.

Why is the New Customer Service Group Needed?

The move to set up the group comes after criticism of Meta that has been passed onto their independent body the Oversight Board, which was set up 2 years ago to review decisions on questionable content. During this time, the board has received over a million appeals from users, mostly in connection with account support.

As Facebook relies on mainly artificial intelligence to moderate content and pages, accounts and posts can be easily deleted without much reasoning behind decisions. Once a personal or business account has been suspended by Meta, it can be extremely difficult to contact a customer service advisor in order to overturn. For those who depend on the network for their business – such as influencers and independent sellers - this can be devastating, resulting in the loss of their business and losing all of their previously gained following. Here at Cobalt Cat Media, we’re here to help if your business has been affected by account removal, with our range of Facebook marketing strategies that can increase your page likes and engagement.

How is Meta Implementing These Changes?

Since the Oversight Board was created in 2020, over 100 recommendations have been made to Meta by them. Brent Harris, vice president of governance of Meta told Bloomberg that although “Improving customer service wasn’t a formal recommendation, the Oversight Board has helped illuminate the issue as part of the broader feedback it gives to Meta.”

At this early stage, it is unclear how users will be able to contact the new group, or exactly what the new group will do in order to help customers who have lost their account or had posts locked – but it is a step in the right direction to help the thousands of users who have previously felt let down by Facebook’s customer service.

Contact the Facebook Marketing Experts

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