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Google Upgrades the Design of Search Ads

Google has recently announced some major changes to the way that their search ads appear for users. Previously, the company has faced critiques over their search ads looking too similar to organic results, confusing some searchers. The aim of the upgrade is that the new ad designs will be easier to distinguish from regular results, by including business names and logos at the top of each ad. With the addition of these elements, it is hoped that it will become more evident to searchers which business websites they are clicking on.

What Will the New Search Ads Look Like?

Currently, search ads show the label “Ad” in the top left-hand corner of the ad. This will be removed, in favour of the label “Sponsored” on its own text line instead. Additionally, the business logo will appear in the top left corner to set the ads apart even further, with the business name adjacent as the topmost visual element. The URL and title text will still be displayed by Google, but the business will simply be clearer to distinguish – particularly during instances where a business is bidding on a competitor’s keywords. Searchers should obviously be able to identify which business is paying for the ad, so there are no surprises when they reach the landing page.

Ensure Your Business is Eligible

Initially, these search ads updates will be rolling out on the mobile version of Google, with similar upgrades intended at a later date for desktop. With the new ads limited to businesses meeting set criteria, it is essential that your search ads are set up with the correct functionality to be eligible. As certified Google Ads specialists, here at Cobalt Cat Media we can create highly-effective search ads campaigns that will help your business to thrive online. Our experts can ensure that your business’ search ads are visible to the right searchers, and generate high-quality leads.

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