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Marketing on X, Navigating Chaos and Fake News

When it comes to the current environment of social media, companies are faced with a critical decision: should they invest in marketing on X, formerly known as Twitter? Elon Musk's takeover of X has sparked significant changes, ranging from overhauling the verification system to altering content moderation policies. As businesses weigh their options, the chaos surrounding X raises questions about its suitability as a marketing channel.

Elon Musk's Impact on X

Elon Musk's acquisition of X for $44 billion in 2022 brought about a whirlwind of changes. From restructuring the verification system to reinstating former US President Donald Trump, Musk's leadership has stirred controversy and eroded the platform's trust. Mass layoffs, a new CEO, and alterations in content moderation policies have transformed X into a different entity, leaving both users and advertisers uncertain about its future.

Fake News Flood and Policy Changes

Recent events on X, particularly the flood of fake news, have heightened concerns. The decision to stop displaying headlines for shared articles and the discontinuation of ad labels have added complexity for users and advertisers alike. The lack of automated context provision for articles poses challenges for businesses, individuals and influencers, burdening them with the responsibility of manually providing context.

Impact on Advertisers

X's move to stop labelling ads has not been well received by members of the creator economy. Advertisers, crucial for the platform's revenue stream, may be put off by the lack of transparency. The reported departure of advertisers in recent months, coupled with Musk's announcement of a 60% drop in advertisement sales, indicates a potential threat to X's business model.

Misinformation and Brand Safety

The influx of misinformation on X further complicates things. Verified accounts sharing old and unverified content without enough moderation create a breeding ground for misleading information. Brands, wary of associating with platforms perceived as spreading disinformation, may hesitate to invest, leading to a decline in ad quality and revenues.

Moving Forward

As X fights with sinking user engagement, fleeing advertisers, and a credibility crisis, the challenges ahead are great. Musk's vision to transform X into an all-encompassing platform offers a glimpse of the future, but the platform's current instability poses obstacles to achieving this vision. Companies contemplating marketing investments on X must carefully evaluate the risks and benefits amid the ongoing turbulence. The decision requires a thorough assessment of the platform's current state, the impact of recent changes, and the potential challenges that lie ahead.

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