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Upgrade Your Business Website in 2023

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Regardless of the industry your business lies within, having a highly visible online presence has a huge impact on your potential success. With a well-functioning website, containing informative and well-written content, customers should be able to clearly see the services that you offer and your contact details, leading to more enquires. Here at Cobalt Cat Media, our team have extensive experience in building and upgrading websites for all types of industries – from industrial manufacturing to e-commerce sites, to name but a few.

Showcase Your Brand

As well as bringing with it increased credibility, a website redesign is a fantastic way to showcase your brand. In clearly establishing what your business does and what you stand for, the chances of customers enquiring will increase. A great business website should provide useful information that will help potential customers to make an informed decision about your services, as well as clearly listing all of your relevant contact information. Our website services begin with extensive research of your industry, including competitor analysis, which helps us to craft a site that perfectly outlines your company and encourages users to convert.

Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

Alongside optimising your website design and layout, our Search Engine Optimisation services aim to organically increase your chances of showing up in relevant Google search results. With a complete analysis of your site, and carefully considered content, our goal is to push your website up Google’s rankings, making your site more visible to the customers who require your services. Our specialist knowledge of the latest Google practices means that we are in the best position to help your business drive more web traffic, and increase your customer base.

Contact Us

If you are considering a website upgrade in 2023, our team can create a bespoke plan that will suit your requirements. Contact us today on 01625 453 050 or email us at

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