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Why Google Business Profiles are Essential

Every single day, Google receives billions of search queries, with a large portion of these having local intent. As people increasingly rely on Google to find services in their local vicinity, the more ‘searchable’ your business is, the better your chances are of potential customers finding you. Setting up a Google Business Profile is vital for your business to appear online across Google, enabling your customers to leave reviews and improving your search engine rankings. Here at CCM, we can help you to set your company up on Google Business, and reap the benefits of your profile.

What is a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profiles, previously named Google My Business, is a free service designed to help promote local businesses online. Once your business is set up with a profile, the tool enables company owners to manage how they appear across Google Search, Google Maps and respective apps. The more visible your business is (and how often it shows up in search results), the better the chances are of drawing attention to your site, against your competitors. Creating and optimising your free Google Business Profile is arguably the most invaluable way to advertise your business online.

What are the Benefits of Google Business Profiles?

In addition to appearing in Google Search results and on Google Maps (particularly useful for customers looking for your location), there are a whole host of benefits to setting up a Google Business Profile. Firstly, once your business is set up, customers will be able to leave verified reviews of your business on Google, which can be extremely powerful. Not only do reviews influence future customers, but they are also used by search engines to rank search results – both of which can hugely impact your business.

Additionally, your Google Business Profile will provide helpful insights about your product or service, including information about your profile views, search queries, engagement, audience and more. At CCM, we can help you to make sense of these statistics, creating a digital marketing strategy to increase your website traffic, audience engagement, and boost company sales.

Set up a Google Business Profile

In summary, Google Business Profiles are an essential free tool that can improve your online presence, connect your business with customers, and increase revenue. For more information about setting up a Google Business Profile, or to learn more about how we can set up a digital marketing strategy for your business, contact our expert team at CCM today. Call us on 01625 453 050 or email

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