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Proofreading: You Can Write, But Can You Proof It?

You Can Write, But Can You Proof It?

As we move into 2015 it’s clear that content marketing should be one of the defining aspects of your digital marketing strategy. As trends continue to show, the copy on your site won’t only affect your natural search rankings, but can also directly impact upon how likely or not consumers are to buy into your products and services.

The issue is that with more and more brands choosing to outsource their content marketing to professional copywriters, it’s now harder than ever to make sure your company stands out amongst your competitors. This means that any copy on your site must not only be clever and engaging, but also highly refined and professionally composed. Needless to say then, the importance of thorough proofreading cannot be understated.

A Chip in the Wall

Imagine that your website is, for all intents and purposes, a physical shop. Customers who pass by are more likely to enter the shop and make purchases if the exterior of said building is attractive, eye-catching and well maintained. This is because, quite obviously, the appearance of your shop has a direct impact on how customers perceive your brand. Now imagine your website as a virtual store-front in the growing digital marketplace; your content and imagery has to do the job of traditional signs and window displays, in that it needs to convince audiences to buy into your brand. In the case of the physical store, general dilapidation and neglect can easily ruin your credible brand image, and so too can the copy on your website.

This is why proofreading is more important now than ever; seemingly irrelevant spelling and grammar mistakes can cost a lot more than you think. Proofreading, however, isn't just about glancing over a piece of content for five minutes after you've finished it; it requires a long attention span and a keen eye for detail.

It also requires more than just a working knowledge of language; it’s as much about making sure your copy reads well as it is about spotting errors. Consider it like this; your content, whether it’s a product description or a company biography, has to pitch your brand and services to potential customers. Thus, comprehensive proofreading isn't just about keeping an eye out for spelling mistakes, but taking an objective look at a piece of text and making sure it flows naturally and works to keep the consumer engaged.

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

When the clock strikes 5:30 and you've been working on the same piece for the past four hours, it’s only natural that your attention span will dwindle, and the chance of making small mistakes will begin to increase. This is why it’s imperative to get an objective perspective on your work; even the most reputable content marketers make mistakes, so getting a second set of eyes on an article before it goes live is highly recommended.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your website with some fresh content, or you’re worried about what your copy is actually saying about you, don’t make any more mistakes; enquire today to learn more about our reputable, affordable copywriting service.

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