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Effective SEO Services for Your Business

For businesses relying on web traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of a successful digital marketing strategy. The process of SEO aims to successfully optimise and organise web content for search engines such as Google, helping your site to rank higher in search results pages. Without a good SEO strategy, even the flashiest websites may never be found by relevant audiences. Here at Cobalt Cat Media, we bring a vast range of expertise and experience to our SEO services; from creating engaging and relevant web copy, to utilising keywords and building links, our all-encompassing strategies ensure that your business can achieve online success.

Optimising Your Existing Website

For businesses that have been established for a while, it’s likely that you may already have an existing website, with a catalogue of content. Our SEO services will always being with the reviewal and optimisation of any existing webpages, in order to benefit search engine rankings. Whether your business has an online store with products available for sale, or a simple catalogue listing your available services, we can optimise your site to improve your positions for selected keywords. Our optimisation process also includes reviewing the internal structure of your site, checking for any ‘orphaned’ content without a parent page, which search engines may struggle to retrieve.

Creating & Updating Fresh Content

When delivering search results, search engines aim to bring the most relevant content to users. At CCM, our team will spend time researching the best keywords for your services, which have the highest search volume. Using these key search terms, we can then begin the process of drafting engaging and informative content for your website. From specific location targeting pages, to a quality, regularly updated blog, our team of expert content creators will ensure that your site is able to register increased conversions through organic search results.

Enquire with Our Team

To begin the process of optimising your website today, simply get in touch with our experienced team of marketers. Call us on 01625 453 050, or alternatively email

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