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The New Faces of Facebook

Time to Face the Changes

Whether you’re a local business page, national brand or just a private user, you might have noticed that your Facebook News Feed received a slight makeover late last month. That’s because Facebook, crumbling under years of pressure to produce a “Dislike” button, have finally gotten rid of their trademarked “Like” system in favour of a more dynamic tool. Introducing “Facebook Reactions”; the new way for users of the social media site to share their views on posts and events through (you guessed it) emojis. But how does this system work for the user, and, more importantly, how will it have an impact on your brand in the future?

Let’s Not Overreact

Back in the dark ages of the “Like” button, users were basically limited to one of a few options that included ‘Liking’ or hiding the post, ignoring it altogether or trolling it incessantly (and who has time for that?); now, however, they have six different reactions to choose from. The Reactions system is comprised of the following options: Love, Like, Wow, Haha, Sad & Angry, and allows users to react more appropriately to certain types of content. Speaking in a blog post, Facebook’s product manager said that these options are the results of “global research” into how users react to content on the web.  All users have to do to use the new service (providing they have the latest iteration of the software) is long-press or hover over the normal “Like” icon to access the full range of emojis.

Getting Down to Small Business

So how will the new Facebook Reactions system affect your business? And does it mean you need to change the content you publish? On a purely superficial level, it will give you a much greater insight into how users feel towards and interact with your posts; do they Love them or just Like them? Are they having the desired comical effect, or are they just making users angry? This will allow you to better tailor your social media marketing strategy to the tastes of your audience over time.

Eventually, the Reactions tool will help Facebook to refine how they decide what type of content users do and do not want to see. At the moment, it works identically to the old “Likes” system; if a post gets a lot of reactions, Facebook judges that more people want to see it, and thus gives it more prevalence on the News Feed. Over time, Facebook hope to learn how the diverse reactions should be “weighted differently”, allowing companies like us to deliver increasingly tailored social media marketing campaigns to brands like you.

The Era of the Emoji

With over 1.5 billion daily active users on Facebook alone, social media marketing is fast becoming the best way to connect with your consumers pre-emptively. Don’t be left behind when it comes to your social networks, stay ahead of the game with a tailored campaign from our specialists; email for more today!

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