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Proud To Be Google Partners

We at CCM are happy to announce our ongoing status as an official Google Partner, which basically means we’re authorised by the world’s largest search engine to offer paid search services to clients wishing to improve their online presence.

Large Platform, Narrow Focus

As a reputable, all-encompassing online marketing agency, pay-per-click advertising (often referred to as PPC) is a large part of what we do. What this means is that we can get our clients an immediate presence on the biggest global search engine using Google AdWords services. Utilising our comprehensive knowledge of AdWords, we can deliver successful paid search campaigns with measurable results, which directly target users who are actively searching for their services.

More than Just a Badge

The Google Partners badge isn’t just an attractive graphic for our website; it’s a symbol of our ongoing dedication to providing the most effective, transparent paid search advertising service on the market. For us, this status means that Google fully support how we choose to use their AdWords service, reiterating our reputation as a trust-worthy digital marketing agency. It conveys to our clients that we know our industry; sustained Google partnership means that our team have to be committed to continually understanding updates and changes to how Google operates. This means that whenever there’s an update in how Google functions, our clients are amongst the first to know about and benefit from it.

If you’re interested in learning more about our pay-per-click advertising services, or would like a complimentary online marketing proposal, please see our Contact Us page for more details on how to get in touch.

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