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Google Changes AdWords to Ads

Here at CCM we’ve been working with Google since day 1. We started up our digital marketing agency in Macclesfield in August 2012 and have the pleasure of being a Google AdWords Certified Partner.

Now Google is advancing forward – and so are we.

They are adapting their advertising software Google AdWords to allow for a more streamlined approach, making it more accessible for marketing agencies and sales teams.

Google AdWords is one of the advertising platforms we use here at CCM to give our clients a better chance of being found online, utilising search marketing we pinpoint significant phrases and keywords in relation to you business to make your business easier to find online.

So what’s changing with Google?

First of all, AdWords is changing its name to the simpler, more refined Google Ads. This is part of Google’s strategy to create a straightforward, streamlined entry point for all of the companies advertising capabilities. This includes their full range of campaign types across Search, Display, Video, App and more. This is going to help us on the behalf of clients to connect with more consumers as they are turning to Google.

The world of digital marketing and search marketing has changed so much since the launch of Google AdWords 18 years ago, that this rebrand was something we’ve seen coming for a while.

Starting on the 24th of July you will be able to see the differences. Not Just with the name, but also with the new logo, and domain- which instead of will now be

Will this negatively affect our current campaigns?

No, it won’t. Fortunately here at CCM, we are fluent in the language of Google, and we will still be able to offer you top-notch digital marketing and search marketing in Macclesfield (or wherever you are) no matter how many logos and domains Google change. We use their software to not only create first-rate PPC (pay per click) advertisements for you, but to also analyse the results effectively and efficiently to tailor your online marketing strategy and get the most out of your money.

To hear more about our services and to see what we can do for you call us on: 01625 453 050

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