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Google Enters Race for AI Search Supremacy

The phenomenal public interest in AI chatbot technology has ramped up even further - leading to Microsoft Bing breaking their record for amount of app downloads in a day, following the announcement of ChatGPT integration. With plans to maintain their global dominance of the search market, Google has also officially entered the race for AI-enhanced search supremacy, with the announcement of the tech giant’s Bard chatbot.

However, the resulting launch of Bard did not go to plan, when an error appeared in a demo – leading to the loss of billions from parent company Alphabet’s shares. In our latest blog, we look at the latest developments within the AI-powered search race.

Google vs Microsoft

During Google’s launch, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed a demo of chatbot Bard within its search engine, where the technology incorrectly gave an answer to a search query. After the error was observed by news outlets, shares plummeted by over $163bn. The company responded by saying that Bard was still undergoing specialist testing before becoming available to the public. Although Microsoft may appear to be leading in the battle for AI-powered search dominance, it is likely that there will be a number of developments before the race is over.

How Accurate is ChatGPT?

Early adopters of ChatGPT have praised its ability to complete a number of tasks, including code writing, document summaries, content writing, and more. Despite this success, the launch of the chatbot has not been without errors, with numerous users experiencing experiencing inaccuracies. Both ChatGPT and Bard are types of large language models, which are naturally error-prone due to the way they are built, with large datasets predicting the likeliest word or answer to result from a user-inputted prompt.

Speak to the Experts

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