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How Important is Web Design in Digital Marketing?

As the first place where most people interact with your business online, your website is the starting point for your digital marketing strategy. Though it may not seem immediately obvious, a well-designed website will impact user experiences and interactions, your branding, conversions, and more.Here at CCM, we believe that a solid digital marketing campaign should be supported by the foundations of a quality, high functioning, and attractive website. When you opt for our comprehensive services, we will identify why your website may be underperforming, and can implement a range of strategies to fix this.

Here, we’ve listed why a quality website design is essential for your digital marketing strategy:

1. Improves the User Experience (UX)

When people arrive on your website, it is vital that they can easily access the information they are looking for. Fast page loading, easily navigable menus and visual appeal will all contribute to a great user experience, which in turn increases their interaction with your business.

2. Strengthens your Brand Identity

As your site is likely to form the first initial impression that people have about your business, it’s imperative that your brand is well represented.When your website is designed with clear branding, it contributes to building trust with potential customers, and can influence their decisions.

3. Improves the SEO of your Site

All great website designs take into consideration content, structure and navigation. These things can hugely influence your position on search engines, so it’s important to make sure they are well considered.

4. Increases your Conversion Rate

Conversions can come in the form of any resulting action you wish a user to take on your site, including service enquiries, newsletter signups or completed transactions. A well-designed website is likely to increase conversions as users navigate the website.

Optimise your Website

At CCM, we can make improvements to your existing website that can improve your digital marketing strategy. Whether your layout or menu requires a re-jig, content needs updating, or you wish to add additional pages, contact our team today. Alternatively, for a fresh start, we can create a new Wix-built website and transfer your domain to it. Email or call us on 01625 453 050.

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